Private vs. Community Style Acupuncture


In a private acupuncture session the patient will have a private room with one table. It is a full hour session where we devote more time to the intake, treatment, and body work (tui na, moxa, cupping, or gua sha).


In a community clinic setting patients will be treated in a large room with 4 tables. The treatment time is still an hour, but a little less time is devoted to the intake and there is less opportunity for extensive body work since patients are scheduled every 15 minutes. This structure is designed so that patients can get good care at a low cost. Patients often ask if the treatment is “less” of a treatment because it is in a group setting. The answer is no. The points I chose in a community clinic would be the same as the points I choose during a private session.

Everyone has different reasons for choosing private acupuncture or community style acupuncture. Cost is usually the main reason. However, some people prefer being treated in a group setting while others feel more comfortable in a private space.